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I believe a writer is an artist who paints his thoughts with a different brush, but his paints being his wealth of vocabulary. He just needs to paint them in the right places.

But the painting looks beautiful provided his hands flow freely with his eyes in sync with his mind, which is nothing but a gift. A gift of being original.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brown brings me back

Man created by God was far from where he stands today, blind to what he saw in the past few decades, numb to what he felt over the ages. But few deeply rooted instincts are safe inside. Safe as our holy texts which have been preserved and passed on through generations though more than a trillion gigabytes of data is generated every second today. One such is his love for secrets. His appetite for the chill that runs through his spine when he finds something shocking. He likes to dig deep into the past, into the dark histories, and forbidden kingdoms. For instance, would you prefer to watch a documentary on the life of Mr. Manmohan Singh or about the secret hide-outs of the Indian Mujahideen terrorists? (Those who go with the former are firmly aware they are cheating their instincts on this one.) Having understood man’s adoration for invading the privacy that is guarded by secrets, what if it were to be told that all he sees today is a hidden secret from the past, what if the technology we can afford today is helping us turn the pages of God’s secret handbook?

This is what we love to read about. This is what can captivate our imagination and catapult it beyond unthinkable boundaries. This is what a DAN BROWN book offers.

Books haven’t been my coffee-mates for long now. But two books have stood out in an otherwise book-laden 20 years, books that serve as archetypes of Dan Brown’s intellect and unusually high IQ. Though a major part of his treasure is yet to be explored, the two books – Angels and Demons and The Lost symbol blew my socks away, leaving me awestruck by his thoughts and cognitive ability. Who knew the path of illumination of an anti-Christ society was a cross? Who can weigh the human soul and prove that human thoughts could be converted into a physical stimulus? What if the world’s powerful people held a secret that could change humanity as we see it? Can a human ever become a God? Well, Dan Brown has answers to these and many more. His books sure will change the way you look at simple things. Fire is no longer just a source of heat. It is one of the five elements of the sacred seal of a secret group, the Illuminati. George Washington is not just the first President of the United States but also one of the few humans that had undergone Apotheosis – becoming a God. The holy texts you read are not as simple as they seem to the naked eye and raw imagination. If read through the lines, bible can be more powerful than a nuclear weapon.
The amazingly sharp Dr. Robert Langdon, inhuman and cold blooded murders, magnificent architecture described in supreme detail giving you a panoramic view, brisk editing, twists that hold your breath for a while, technology that you wouldn’t have, in your wildest of dreams, thought ever existed..........all these ingredients cooked to perfection and presented at astonishing pace is what Dan Brown offers. An offer I couldn’t reject.

So here I am, writing this, having absorbed about 500 pages in just a week’s time, feels so unlike me. These books of Dan Brown have certainly given me the impulse much needed to bring me back to blogging. Brown indeed has brought me back to writing.

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