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Friday, September 16, 2011

Blood alone can!

November of 2008.......

27, 6:00 a.m

I opened my eyes and dragged myself from bed with utmost difficulty. With a brush in my mouth and an eye on the clock, I reached out for the news-paper, the rays of morning sun bathing me out of drowsiness. As i start reading the news on the front page, blood red bold letters of the news catch my eye. The disturbing images published in large were not an ideal start for that day.
The massacre of "26/11"........

28, 1.30 p.m.

As i take a bus back from college, an article in the days local newspaper scrolled through my mind, that said the terrorist group who claimed the responsibility for the blasts named Hyderabad on their 'to-do' list and the newspapers had started digging into deep and dark facts of Hyderabad and its stint with terrorism. For once, I looked out and saw the city, its trademark traffic, its people, all occupied and running which inspired me to flush any suspicion out of my mind. 

30, 2.00 p.m.

As I lay down on my bed and reach to my newspaper, which I was very keen to do (and been doing for the past 3 days at least), I started reading about many blasts in the past like those in Jaipur and Ahmedabad. Written in extreme detail (than the Indian constitution), I read that bombs were found in almost every critical junctions of major cities, in lunchboxes, by the roads, in hoardings..........nothing short of a minesweeper map. Thoughts that i buried surfaced once again, leaving me with unreasonable and unanswerable doubts. Police had warned the public about possible threats and places for bomb implants that included city buses and shopping malls, theaters and parks...........fear........frustration..........but incapability!

The days that followed.......

Bus travel was no more fun. Suspicion, fear, caution. Looking for lunchboxes, avoiding crowded buses, restraining from new movies, let alone weekends at malls. Balance between academics and fears was tough. Railway station was nothing short of a lion' s den. People believed luck was guarding them as they came in and out of railway stations. Women were praying for their men to return home safely. Police were on their feet running after fake calls and suspicious lunchboxes. As the days went by, the papers kept writing Hyderabad was in for a "Big" surprise, police kept trying to speak the hype off, women continued to worry, with the fear growing only worse day by day, theaters and public places were filled with dogs and bomb squads......I........ continued to worry!


As I wake up after we've swam through a decade of distraught that took off by the bombing of  World trade center, relief no longer appears to exist.  Blasts in some part of the world or the other keep making it to the front pages of dailies worldwide. Intelligence agencies keep warning their governments. Millions of children keep losing their parents. Agencies keep recruiting children and teenagers into what they claim to be "the holy war", if only suicide bombing a 14 year old is 'holy'.......if only hiding in remote corners and unleashing the filth within on innocent and hapless commoners can be called a 'war'.

No time for the world to breathe a sigh of relief after the death of Osama as the terrorist activities continue to build up under a blanket of ignorance. The incapability of the Indian government to act strong has been proved off late with a cold blooded terrorist sitting in prison for 3 years, enjoying better facilities than an average Indian citizen, while a law in Eastern India allows the police to kill any person who is found suspicious with any proof. None of the recent mishaps seem to have motivated the bureaucracy to push the 'severe' button on terrorism as after every blast, Mr. Chidambaram tries to use all his vocabulary to express sorrow and appeals to the nation to remain peaceful, and then as another issue draws the news,.........."Blast? which one?"............

I bet, Osama would have, for a split second, considered the option of surrendering to the Indian government (if at all he had to) after the 'reception' Mr. Kasab has been relishing. That would've had us running through ages trying to "negotiate" with Osama and resolving the issue through "peaceful talks". I commend the US for erasing a black dot in the history of the modern world without giving it a second thought, that was never affordable. An attack on the Indian Parliament, blasts in Mumbai more frequently than a new movie release, explosives found in every nook and cranny of the country, and recently, the blasts near Delhi high court, what else can motivate our government......Or is it the fact that our government prefers to stay away lest the fire burns it clothes off. Shame that our government did not act on Kasab. Shame that Chidambaram accepted the fact that the Delhi blast took place despite the government staying informed. Shame.

I suggest a solution that may raise many eye brows, yet would keep the fire off before it reaches our doorstep. Dear government, please adopt an extremist approach dealing with terrorists. Start executing the ones who have been sitting in prisons over the years. Ignore any human right activist questioning it for the government needn't answer an illogical person fighting for the human rights of men responsible for bloodshed and mayhem. Be strong enough to make a bold statement against brutality, the whole nation shall be with you. 

Blood alone can wash blood.....not tears


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