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But the painting looks beautiful provided his hands flow freely with his eyes in sync with his mind, which is nothing but a gift. A gift of being original.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

\m/ Annnah Haezaereee \m/

Dude 1: Yo wassup man, and watz wid dat 'AH' tattoo on your hand
Dude 2: Yo,allz cool man, and 'AH' is Annnnah Haezaereee.......i go wid him man, i think da manz cool, corruption's gonna gt its *** kicked \m/
Dude 1: Oh, da guyz on tv a lot dude, ppl r goin nuts fr his style man...btw wats he upto now?
Dude 2: Donno dude, i thnk he's gonna speak to our Prez about some stuff against corruption.....
Dude1: Way to go maaaaaan, Way to go!

Anna hazare (not Annnah Haezaereee)? Stylish? A simple  man in khadi, and a "topi" that symbolizes representation, glasses, worn and withered........this is Annaji. After 4 months of an epic encounter, tete-a-tete with our government, Anna Hazare is being mistook for his "stylish" attire? People wear Anna's caps, paint his face on nails and clothes, go frenzy (even naked) and barely recognise that all this "Anna-Mania" is about corruption and a bill that shall rewrite the Indian history!

Just about time to question yourself "Is all this a gesture of hatred and spite towards corruption or the hype of calling it 'cool'?" Keep the answer to yourself......but analyse it!

If all this is about people vexed with corruption, you never needed an Anna to help you do all this. And painting nails or tattooing is not a reasonably sound answer. All the support Anna wants is to analyze the gravity of the present scenario and the dire consequences of an alteration and rusty-implementation of the Jan-Lokpall bill. Many questions are yet to be answered about the qualifications of civil service employees who guard the bill and implement it. Can the bill itself stay inert from corruption? Will the bill die out slowly as many of those in the past? Will the Indian 'janta' hold itself equally responsible for the post Lokpal scenario as it is the 'jan-Lokpal'?

If you are an Anna supporter, u need not hold Indian flags and shout slogans, u need not halt transport and set yourself on fire, u need not burn a Government draft that that demanded a brainstorm into ashes without showing an ounce of respect to the constitution and the system of governance (though dilapidated) of our country, u need not threaten government on self-immolating yourself!

If you are an Anna supporter, let your silence do the talking! Speak with your suggestions! Educate the downtrodden and those who can't access the media about the campaign, its need and its aftermath! Stay who you are, do what you do, eat what you eat, but don't start acting patriotic out of the blue!




  1. also the people who r going gaga abt Anna should do a self-check for themselves:to what extent will i go to get my things done.if sumone is really patriotic he should also stop giving monetary incentives r bribes.corruption free india can only be achieved public is equally moral as they expect their government to be.
    As also u have said educating d masses is also required.good read

  2. Brilliantly written. The way you portray the entire thought process is truly amazing. Need to look deep down, across minds, analyzing what the heart require, Anna has surely given the youth the power to protest, just in the most appropriate direction. A revolution, I wish it never dies & the entire nation stands & speak for it's right. The attitude as you pointed out needs to be changed. :) Take care !