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Monday, August 22, 2011

We the INDIANS..........

"An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching." - Mahatma Gandhi

64 years gone by cherishing an independent India. An India whose identity demanded the sacrifices of great leaders. An India whose flag demanded blood and bone. An India whose boundaries demanded bravery and martyrdom.

64 years gone by, as we, the "Independent" Indians had own constitution, formed our own governments, took our own decisions, elected our leaders...........but have any one of us, for a split second, thought  the India we are living in is not totally independent at all........have any one of us thought if the British were just for starters, we were cooking the greatest menace to our country, that had only grown better and better with every second of the 64 years?

Today, we let it rob us of our hard earned possessions and yet can't ask anyone about it! We let it trickle down at least 80% of budget allocations starting from passing bills to enacting them!  We let it question a pensioner devoid of his pension "Are you alive?". We let it pool money for politicians as the poor continue to rot in poverty!We let it deny tsunami victims of food while millionaires had the luxury of a multi-cuisine meal! If these are just a very few of what we let "CORRUPTION" do to us, many still remain buried in the records..........

Over the past few decades, people spared it a thought as many movies, articles, discussions, forums, communities started picturing and discussing it..........ONLY DISCUSSING IT..........but majority of them were happy to talk about it and leave the rest to us, waiting for another Gandhiji to come from nowhere and eat it up overnight. Meanwhile things could only get worse. So here we are, in a scam-studded nation, bravo. 

But April 5,2011 marks the blossoming of a better India - opening doors to bail out corruption or at least an effort to do so. Preachings being put to practice by an ordinary man with extraordinary commitment, "Sir Anna Hazare". Interestingly, the reason Hazare decided to persevere for the cause of Indians is an accident, a close shave in fact.
If his days in the military service were building a highly patriotic and idealistic man, the accident  topped it up, prepared him, battle ready!

People from all walks of life start joining hands for this campaign as analysts and historians go brains drawing an analogy between the anti corruption movement and the freedom struggle. Suddenly, the ever bleeding-hearted politicians wrap their cloaks up and show what is in their hideous hearts. Shame is too less a word for what this government and its pretty pawns are doing to halt this movement. Unfortunately, some classes of people, who proudly distinguish themselves as the backward classes find this movement so "upper caste"ish. Dalit columnists  have opined that the movement  is an upper-caste uprising against India's political democracy. Though they enjoy the comforts of being called a backward caste in a society where its impossible even to find out a person's religion, the fact is that this movement aims at eradicating the very disease that kept on branding them a backward caste for decades.

Now is never late......

With a long way to go, a lot many to achieve, a lot of time to serve, we, the younger and yet-to-be-productive class of India shall pledge that we shall be a part and parcel of the movement and support our "Modern Gandhi" in necking our Corruption from our motherland.


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