A writer and artist........how thick a line can you draw between them?

I believe a writer is an artist who paints his thoughts with a different brush, but his paints being his wealth of vocabulary. He just needs to paint them in the right places.

But the painting looks beautiful provided his hands flow freely with his eyes in sync with his mind, which is nothing but a gift. A gift of being original.

Hoping that every article i "paint" would only give you a piece of my mind.....

I welcome you to "ANGEL'S INFERNO"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Can do nothing than WAIT!

A high voltage synaptic spark shoots off as i open cricbuzz and watch the "EX" World numero uno team be very much at the mercy of Englishmen and urges me to let my thoughts pass my fingertips......a billion hopes.........crores of posts.........lakhs of facebook statuses............thousands of critics watching.........hundreds of tv channels waiting to find the hottest story on the dock......and finally it boils down to those eleven men - but one should agree, no one can be more frustrated than they are. This is what destiny holds in store for you, anything comes as a family pack, all the woes adding up to many more. But surely our very captain practical has a solution to his side's slump. My dear countrymen, just wait for a strong reply!

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