A writer and artist........how thick a line can you draw between them?

I believe a writer is an artist who paints his thoughts with a different brush, but his paints being his wealth of vocabulary. He just needs to paint them in the right places.

But the painting looks beautiful provided his hands flow freely with his eyes in sync with his mind, which is nothing but a gift. A gift of being original.

Hoping that every article i "paint" would only give you a piece of my mind.....

I welcome you to "ANGEL'S INFERNO"

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The "it"

We named it in a million languages,
We prayed for it in the name of God,
We digged through ages to find what it was,
We run with it everyday yet can't get enough,
We plan for it to know what it looks like..........

But have we thought where this "IT" comes from?

It comes from........... 
a bright sunshine,
a serene smile,
a cup of coffee,
a game won,
a question answered,
endless sources.......

But only  an elite sect can find out
That is is actually meant to be mined
Within the human soul!

A bright star unfolding in your palms,
Energy of a fresh fuel cell when burst,
Scream after a tiresome sport...Won,
Affection of your loved ones,
Silence after a pleasant prayer,
Rush of blood and spine-sparking adrenaline,
Words of praise......well earned.......

All this is "POWER"..........experienced......but never noticed........

So when you feel an array of dark clouds blanketing you,
Listen to yourself,
Feel your pulse, 
For every one of it,
Shall pump a million mega watts..........of POWER!

(photo editing and design by me)

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